Akiba Uhaki Attempt

Akiba Uhaki Foundation attempts to address these challenges through interventions, which have been designed with a clear appreciation of the vantage point of those most affected by them. On the education and information dissemination front, for instance, Akiba Uhaki Foundation is supporting a network of community radio stations across the region who look to stimulate an increased understanding of rights and responsibilities within communities, and this way, encourage practical citizen action and vigilance where rights are under threat. In pursuit of similar aims, Akiba Uhaki Foundation has awarded research, policy reform and advocacy grants to initiatives pushing for the enhancement of service delivery to marginalized groups, and encouraged the growth of community centered savings and credit cooperatives which seek to build the economies of local communities.

The vibrancy of the formations that are emerging from these initiatives is a clear confirmation that active community engagement and empowerment is key to finding the solutions that East Africa must embrace if the promise of continued growth is to result in the eradication of poverty and ultimately, a peaceful, vibrant and prosperous sub-region.


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