Akiba Uhaki the Human Rights and Social Justice Fund, is an emerging grant-making organization dedicated to supporting and accompanying Human Rights and Social Justice related organizations in East Africa i.e. Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Akiba Uhaki was established as a fund for Human Rights and social justice in February 2006, in response to the need to fill the critical gap that existed within the sector, with regard to developing capacity for sustainably addressing social injustice and Human Rights violations. The Fund exists to support the growth and strengthening of the Human Rights and Social Justice Sector in East Africa.  Akiba Uhaki was incorporated as a (non-profit) company limited by guarantee and without a share capital under the Companies Act of Kenya in August 2007. Registration of the Trust was completed in July 2008.

The creation of Akiba Uhaki as a regional entity, was inspired by key players in the human rights and social justice movement in East Africa, with guidance and support from the Ford Foundation office for Eastern Africa. The Fund envisions a just and egalitarian East Africa where all persons enjoy their rights and live in dignity. Our mission is to be a proactive and innovative grant-making institution working to promote and strengthen Human Rights inclusive of social justice.

Last modified: November 17, 2018