The Principles Of Health And Human Rights

Do you want to learn more about health and human rights? The Principles of Health and Human Rights is a collection of essays written by leading experts in the field. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to understand how health relates to human rights or vice versa. You can read it online right now!

  1. The right to health is a fundamental human right
  2. Health is more than just the absence of disease or injury
  3. Everyone has the right to health care, regardless of income or social status
  4. Health care should be accessible, affordable, and of good quality
  5. Health care providers must respect patients’ rights and privacy
  6. Patients have a responsibility to protect their own health and well-being

We hope that this book will inspire you to think differently about your role as a healthcare provider, patient, advocate, policymaker, or citizen. Whether you are new to the subject or have been working in the field for years, we hope that these principles will help guide your work towards better outcomes for all people everywhere.


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